Jammie Party with the Clyde Family

We had a fun Sunday morning planned at the Clyde household. Dad: James, Mom: Heather, Oldest: Micah, Middle: Carston, and Littlest: Ryker invited me to their house to record a little of their everyday lives together as a family. James Clyde---of James Clyde Custom Homes builds AMAZING custom houses, and they invited me to their brand new home that was built custom for them. This house had all of the top-of-the-line amenities that you would expect from one of James' homes, the boys' rooms were my very favorite part. The whole upstairs is dedicated to the boys as their special loft for doing hardcore playtime. Each of them have their own room and my favorite part, a sink with 3 facets and little stepstools placed below coordinated to fit each boy's height for teeth brushing. Adorable. We started the morning off with some jammie time in Mom and Dad's room, then for a little playtime- where the boys had all sorts of cars and trucks to show me. Then off to brush the teeth. Since the boys had been so good all morning, they were rewarded with icecream sundaes before breakfast (I even got my own- Yum!) and then we went back upstairs to take a few sit down family portraits. Thank you so much to the Clydes for welcoming me to their beautiful new home to spend the morning. What fun! Enjoy.