Artfully Designed Table Contest

So this week is Weddings Week in Boise and the show was having an "Artfully Designed Table Contest" where the contestants design a table that would be at a wedding. Since we are NOT wedding decorators, we took the opportunity to showcase print work since we do invitations, menus, favor tags, and any other print work that would be needed for a wedding. After lots of hard work and spray paint, we finished our table and we are pretty dang proud of it too!! THE BREAKDOWN:

The table is made from an old door that we got from Diamond Street Recycling and we bolted cut 4 x 4's for the legs and spray painted the whole thing brown.

Cool knick knacks and mini encyclopedias on table we found at The Shabby House and other local second hand stores

Random chairs were found at furniture consignment stores and spray painted Sun Yellow along with knick knack items

Birdcages were found online at Graples and spray painted brown

All print work was designed by yours truly---& Studios the invitation and favor tags were mounted on real stained wood veneer with a custom-lined envelope.

HOPEFULLY WE WIN!!! We will keep you posted---winner gets an article in the ZWeddings Magazine.