Baby Sienna is 8 months old! Boise Baby Photographer

So.... don't worry- we did this session a while ago. I would never put a baby THIS CUTE in an outdoor bath in October! Sienna and her mommy Jaime have been coming to see me every 4 months since Sienna was in Jaime's tummy for our 'All Bundled Up' package. I can't believe we only have one more session for her first year! This one was the most fun so far- and though I have  a ton of super cute shots, I decided to narrow it down to show this adorable bubble bath that we ended up doing on the fly-- actually in my own front yard! How can you not just love these little cheeks--- yes, and those little cheeks too! And, not to mention those amazing big baby eyes! We love you Sienna & Jaime!