Betsy // Boise Senior Photographer

Pumpkins! For fall! Happy Thanksgiving week--lots of blogging to come to enjoy for the long weekend.

Little miss Betsy asked us if "Senior Photos" included "College Seniors"---and we were overjoyed to be able to shoot pictures of this STUNNING girl again (you may remember Ampersand did their family photos a few years back). So, obviously Betsy is petite Barbie incarnate- but what you may not know is the girl has got brains- we have a scientist in our midst. She was just telling me how much she loves calculous and my jaw nearly dropped to the ground (we are more "right-brainers" in our studio, our favorite saying: "we aren't math-magicians!")

Alright- I will shut up. Congratulations on your graduation Betsy! You are going to do so many amazing things, you and your mommy are such a blasty blast! I would love to photograph you again when you finish grad school...or when someone puts a ring on it. ;-) Love you Tuel girls!!