Cruisin Biker Wear Photoshoot

The beautiful Melayna Olsen contacted us to do a photo shoot for Cruisin Biker Wear located on Emerald and Five Mile in Boise. They had an event last Saturday where she was there signing the prints. This was a super fun shoot, and we totally killed it... Shot it on Thursday night til 9pm, proofs up Friday morning, image selected Friday night, printed on Saturday morning and hand delivered in time for the event at 1pm on Saturday. Now that's a turnaround if you ask me. There were lots of great shots, but these are a few of my favorites as well as the one that they chose. (The one that has their logo on it.) Now, 101 lucky gents have a little bit of Mel and Ampersand Studios hanging in their garage right next to their Harley and tool set.