Kari & Casey got married!!!---8.5.11 Ste Chapelle Winery

undefined Mr. & Mrs. Prange got married on a beautiful Friday evening at Ste. Chapelle Winery in Caldwell, Idaho. If we have one thing to say about this wedding it is: "Kari!" This stunning little 4'11" knockout put so much of her big personality into this wedding- from the hot pink 'bling' 'bling' bouquets (Hillcrest Floral), to her sparkly pink, dangerously high, and fiercely fabulous, stiletto pumps! Uh...speaking of 'bling'---did you see that ROCK!? GORGEOUS!!! Both the bride and groom were looking fantastic and were as easy going as they come. The intimate wedding was made up of only their closest friends and family, which made for a very personal evening. There was so much love in the air from all of the people who care so much about Kari and Casey. I have to say that the most remarkable detail of the day is the relationship both Casey and Kari have with their mothers. Kari's mother, Helen's expression when she is helping her get ready is so touching- and if you are wondering about the little Barbie dress- it was Kari's "something borrowed" that Helen used to dress her Barbie in when she was a little girl, it was placed in a little silk bag that was pinned under Kari's gown. We think it was really a neat detail, and actually looks a lot like the amazing dress that Kari chose to wear (Chic Bridal Boutique)! And Casey's mother-son dance was so sweet with his mother, (also named "Carrie") must say, got a little choked up! :-)

Kari & Casey--- thank you so much for allowing us to document your special day. And thank you for the wine!!!