Lauren + Mark are getting married! // Boise Engagement Photographers

Lauren and Mark came to me after the just got engaged and we totally clicked! I seriously love these guys and am so excited for their wedding coming up this August. They have probably the cutest story you've ever heard of and he proposed to her on Pinterest!! Check out the details on their adorable wedding website.

They just got a new puppy named Huckleberry and he just about stole the show-- but that's hard to do with a stunner like Lauren nearby. Everyone that we walked by had to stop and pet Huckleberry, and I went home begging my husband for a labradoodle. L+M are so natural and should probably be models, but when you're in love like these guys are-- you just can't help be show it. I espcially love the super masculine GQ shots of James Bond- oh, I mean Mark in his beautifully tailored designer suit holding a sweet puppy rather than a deadly weapon. Thanks so much for choosing Ampersand, I know we're going to have way too much fun with you two! Enjoy, -&.