Lindsay & Dustin- Engaged!

So, where to start... well, Dustin proposed to LIndsay after a scavenger hunt at the Boise Depot. So what better place to started for our photo tour of Boise. It was a gorgeous evening, and I got to go out and enjoy it with 1 more couple that made me realize again how lucky I am to be able to do this for my job. Lindsay and Dustin are so kind, generous, and not mention adorable. I can't wait to shoot their wedding coming up next month at the gorgeous Wood River Cellars- and you better believe it'll be a great wedding. When you put together a great couple like these 2 crazy kids + Brandi at Soiree + Ampersand... just sayin' it's gonna be amazing! Oh- just to explain what's going on in the photo by the pepsi machine, Dustin is trying out his ridiculously smooth pick-up lines, and telling by her reaction-- that must not be how he hooked her!

Gosh, we really do have the best job in the world. Enjoy these happy faces...