Monique and Nick Engagement. Boise Wedding Photographer

Well this is a beautiful couple if I ever saw one.... inside and out. I was taken back by Monique's stunning features throughout the shoot, and at one time asked her if she had ever been a model. She humbly giggled and told me that both her and Nick rarely like themselves in photos-- which it's seriously hard for me to believe that they could ever look bad! So anyway, I just know that they are going to make a stunning bride and groom and I am looking forward to their wedding next summer. We had a lot of fun at the farmer's market on a gorgeous Saturday morning before it got hot outside. I just stood back and followed them around the market as they shopped for yummy fresh veggies and flowers. Then, we migrated west of the market for some more private shots. More than once, Nick looked at me like I was crazy for the things that I was asking him to do... but I promised him that it would be worth it! For example, standing in the middle of the road and kissing eachother with tons of people around. Or holding a peach out towards my lens while loving each other in the background. He laughed, and did it like a champ whilst making silly remarks to Monique like my favorite part of the morning... "Let's take pictures with these peaches.... 'cause YAARRRR a Peach!" haha. Ok, so anyway to say the least... we had a good time and ended up with some pretty darn cute photos. Enjoy.