Mr. & Mrs. David Winans! six.four.eleven.

Lindsay and Dave's wedding was many things.... but mostly beautiful. Oh AND A TON OF FUN! Well, we already knew that it was going to be a blast from the first dose of Winans we were served up last summer with Mandy and Dan. We recognized many of the guests, and at this rate with the number of friends and siblings that they have-- you might just see Emily progressively grow up in a wedding on our blog each season... [Emily is the Winans family professional flower girl...] So, not only did we know that this group knows how to party, but that they know how to rock one darn good photobooth! And needless to say, somethings really never change. Stay tuned for the photobooth video to come soon-- and I am taking suggestions for a song... it's going to need to be a Loooooong one! We started the day at Hotel 43 where Lindsay was surprisingly calm after a restless night and of course looking stu-uh-nning when we arrived. Brides take notes from Lindsay- we had plenty of time set aside for photos and we took advantage of every minute! (you'll see!) We got to go to several locations and take our time -- and we still had a ton of fun the whole time... it's really not as torturous as you might think ;)

David was so cute sitting in the cafe waiting to see his bride. And might I say looking DAPPER-AS-COULD-BE if I do say so myself. Unlike Lindsay, he had gotten a full night's rest and was raaarrring to go. And I loved the first look when he got to see her for the first time and tell her how smokin' hot she looked! We got lucky with perfect weather when the forecast called for rain, and the whole day went along like clockwork.

One thing that Lindsay said to me in the sacristy right before she walked down the aisle when I asked if she was ready: "I feel like I have been anticipating, planning and waiting for this day for so long. And now it's almost already over." Then I reassured her, that is what WE are here for... to make that moment, that whole day; everything about it live on. Forever.


Enjoy. and check back for the craziness of the photobooth. Believe me, you won't want to miss this one,


DRESS: Chic Bridal Boutique DJ: Soundwave FLOWERS: Kabloom of Eagle INVITATIONS: Ampersand Studios CAKE: Greg Marsh Designer Cakes CATERER: Open Table Catering CEREMONY: St. John's Cathedral RECEPTION: The Linen Building HAIR & MAKEUP: Graeber & Co.