Mr. & Mrs. Travis & Kimberly Wingo- Married 5.28.11

Here it is- the wedding of Kimberly and Travis from Saturday! As you might already know from earlier posts, Kimberly and her twin sister Jennifer are my Sister-in-laws once removed or something like that... My sister's husband's sisters! Sorry if that's confusing, but though it might be technical there really is nothing "removed" about the whole family and my own. I have known both lovely girls for about 8 years or so, and am so happy to be able to share this special day with them. Kimberly and Travis got married at St. John's Cathedral-- a place that is very special to them and significant to their relationship as they both have incredible Catholic faith and love for their church (hence the flock of priests that were celebrating their wedding mass!) . Though the Horn family is notorious for running late (about an hour and a half to be precise ;) ) we somehow pulled off getting plenty of really fun photos before the ceremony. The weather cooperated, and everyone was great with shuffling around! I love the color combinations with Travis's gunmetal tux and Kimberly's gorgeous pink rose bouquet.... and she of course looked STUNNING. Everything ran smooth as silk all day, and after the ceremony everyone transported to St. Mark's Catholic Church for the reception. Everything about the reception could be described with the word "lots".... lots of food, lots of smiles, lots of fun, definitely LOTS of adorable children, and lots-lots-lots of dancing.... including a pre-scheduled and no-laughing-matter of a dance battle. I was laughing so hard I could barely keep shooting when it appeared as the groomsmen had practiced their perfectly choreographed dance moves. My favorite one was when 1 poor guy started having a heart attack in the middle of the dance floor and as he fell to the ground checking his pulse-- the "doctor" slid in to give him the most jazzed version of CPR I have ever heard of! Gotta love it. Synchronization. Here are some of my favorites to portray the day in a nutshell. Enjoy, and stay tuned for identical twin Jennifer's wedding in just a few weeks.