Sandy & Chris --- engaged!!

For Sandy and Chris's engagement shoot- we went to Barber Park off the Boise River and DAAAANGGG it was so high- it was flooded up by the trees--which made for pretty pictures...and mosquitos- ouch! It was great to get to know Sandy and Chris as they told me about how they met. Sandy wasn't a bit shy in admitting that she scoped Chris out at a party and was after his muscle-man physique! "I want a big guy!" she said- totally cracks me up. Girl gets what she wants. Darn straight. ;-) These two lovebirds are a ton of fun- and we got some great shots! Their sweet pup Max even graced us with his presence at the end of our shoot- he was soooo good, until I teased him with a stick and he almost bit off my hand. My fault Max, water under the bridge.

Absolutely cannot wait for their wedding at one of my very favorite Idaho locations- Redfish Lake this July.