The Little Gym Logo

So as we were sitting outside out favorite frozen yogurt shop (Blue Cow in Parkcenter on Apple yogurt, really stupid logo- comic sans is NOT an "everything" font----oh no, not like papyrus...haha. We probably need a whole other category to celebrate our love for comic sans too! Blue Cow- please give us a call for a logo re-vamp, you are better than this!!! Okay, now I am off track- back to the story) and we were looking at the logo for the Little Gym (which is where Francesca takes her little boy to work on his athleticism and social skills). Nichole thought that the word "The" was too tracked out which made for awkward spacing between the "E" and "Y" although the rest of the spacing seemed to make sense. The more that we look at this logo, the more we tried to interpret exactly why the design made the choices they did. Ah Ha! The negative space in the "G" makes a gymnastics ring which is attached to the "T" in "THE" the dot on the "I" is a ball and the "Y" has a pretty deliberate downward pointing arrow and the tail of the "G" making somewhat of a smile. Although both of us agree that "THE"  could have been more effectively placed, overall we both say "KUDOS!" for such a smart and well thought out logo design and how you really had to look twice for the intentional things one may not notice off the bat....then we both wondered how the hell we can both sit there and critique a logo for that long!

Design nerds.