So thought I’d share a fun typographic pastime. Every now and then, you just need to take a break from what you are doing and challenge yourself to a little test of the typeface. Apparently there is an iPhone app that you can download to play this game, but I have resisted for the sake of my family, clients and other real-life priorities and responsibilities. They already lost hours of my attention when I found the iPhone app ‘Kern’ where you have to strategically make the letters fall into a word with the correct amount of space on either side of it as it rapidly changes. I have to say, I think that FontGame is a better game. Kern has nothing to do with how well you can judge spacing, it has to do with how quickly you can react and guess where it will fall. FontGame is hard! It uses mostly classic typefaces that we should all be familiar with. The only thing that I wish it did was tell you the answer when you get one wrong. It’s like font flash cards, but you want to beat the high scores of others playing the game.
Click here to try it out!


FONTgame. Addicting




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