This engagement shoot from early last week was an homage to Boise’s deceiving weather. A beautiful day turns quickly into a whirling 30mph wind and chill as we ascend into the mountains. Maddie and Alex are super ski enthusiasts who have worked together as ski instructors at Bogus Basin for several years. If there is ever a place that defines a person or relationship, this is theirs. We went up hoping for the same blue skies and pleasing breeze that we had in the valley, but rather were greeted by possessed crazy flying lawn chairs and ice packed trails. A couple hundred frames later we have hair in their faces, and cold red noses but despite the less than ideal conditions their love still shows through in these engagement photos! The couple also brought along Bella their black lab who was super excited about playing in the snow [and eating it too!] but less excited about getting her photo taken. Though she was a little preoccupied, we got a few good shots of her and her 2 best friends and I definitely got a good laugh thanks to her hilarious personality. Also, while we were there I spotted this crazy cute idea for their save the dates. Enjoy.


Maddie & Alex: “Such Great Heights”




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