Saturday afternoon I started at the Train Depot with Starr & Rolando. After  a short 30 minutes we were a little burnt out on the location (what? you say! The train depot? Burnt out? Nooo…)  So we headed downtown to Inkvision a tattoo studio that I see every time I get off the connector in downtown Boise. I love the black steel bench in the shape of a heart with wings on it, against a bright yellow brick building hung with intricate tattoo art and classic typography. I love the look of this shop and if I ever talk myself into a tattoo, I just might go here based on their eye-catching storefront. Anyway, once we got there Starr and Rolando’s personalities really began to seep out. It turns out that the couple has matching tattoos of dream catchers to honor Starr’s Native American heritage. Looks like this love is permanent! Thanks for a fun shoot guys, can’t wait for the wedding 🙂


Starr & Rolando




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