When Jennie Myers approached us about shooting the Rockie Award show this year at the Knitting Factory we were more than happy to donate our services. This was our first time attending the Rockie Awards (an award show… kinda like the Oscars for the Idaho Ad industry) and we were blown away by the caliber of the event. Jennie and friends did an AMAZING job putting on quite the production. You can see in the photos that that every tiny intricate detail was carefully planned to achieve a cohesive overall feeling for the night. There was a heaven and hell theme designed by Jennie Myers from Drake Cooper. They gave out beautiful 3 color letterpressed booklets done by our friends at Bindery Services. Delisssshhhious food, and even better cake, and even better… alchohol! Everyone had a great time, and we were so excited to be in the presence of such wonderful talent! Here’s some of the goods…


Ampersand at the Rockie Awards!




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