OH MY GOSH, this little girl was cracking me up!! Throughout the whole shoot, if she began to lose interest or get grumpy daddy would just turn on some clubbin’ mix beats and she would instantly start dancing. I’m not talking ring around the rosie– I’m talking full on hips swayin, shoulders poppin’ neck bobbin’ groove. She has such an adorable personality, and nothing makes Gracie go like a little Fergie! Look at these big brown eyes, and she loves the camera just as much as it loves her. Jen and Kyle are such a cute couple and they have such a beautiful family. Jen has been doing my hair for the past few years, and I am so sad that they are moving in a couple of weeks to some dirt road elsewhere in Idaho, and I am going to have to find a new hair stylist that will listen to my rambling for 2 hours every 6 weeks! I am gonna miss you Jen, come back for more pics anytime. -F.


Kyle, Jen & Gracie




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