This fiery couple was hilarious to shoot! They have such playful personalities, and they aren’t afraid to kiss on camera… which if you couldn’t tell are some of Ampersand’s favorite photos! Santiago just got to Boise a couple of days before the wedding, so that was my first time meeting him. We did their engagements, and then 2 days later…. the wedding. It was raining pretty hard before the E-Sesh so we did some studio shots… then it calmed down a little so we explored outside around the studio. The wet ground and lush watered trees and plants made for nice light and colors. Their wedding day was a little stormy as well so it’s a good thing we have this HUGE cute black and white umbrella, it worked well for the engagements AND the wedding. Enjoy the photos! -&.


Irene & Santiago Barrios: June 4th, 2010




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  1. martha

    July 16th, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    I love your work. This couple should become models!

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