As you know, it is the middle of the summer and that means that wedding season is BOOMING and the Ampersand girls are BUSY BUSY!! We have been loving every minute of it and just when we think we can’t love our jobs any more…we do. After so many weddings, you would think that we would be prepared for every situation, which usually we are. Well we had a whole new obstacle this weekend at the Noe wedding in Parma! We were setting up the backdrop for the photobooth outdoors and the wind was not cooperating. It kept blowing over the stands and the backdrop was just flying everywhere like a flag! Luckily, we were at a house with a very resourceful barn that had plenty of rope, stakes, and bungee cords. Even more luckily, Francesca is part monkey and was able to leap up trees in order to tie and secure the rope to hang our backdrop.
Here are some photos of our journey.







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  1. Kelly

    July 26th, 2010 at 12:36 am

    LOVE the pink Alien Bee!! I almost bought that one and decided to go practical and get black. I might have to go with pink on the second one I buy! LOL

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