Last Sunday we ventured out to Parma for the Noe wedding. This wedding was held at Drew’s aunt and uncle’s beautiful country home and the weather was just perfect.
When we were driving to the location, we were pleasantly surprised to see their creativity at work with adorable paisley signs that lead the guests to the house, and they were just one of many paisley details that were sprinkled amongst the wedding decorations. The paisley matched the save-the-dates and wedding invitations that were also designed by us and was such a great way to include a subtle, theme detail.

We also had the opportunity to include special heirlooms of Drew’s family in our photographs including an old Bible, poetry book, a silver spoon that was given as a wedding gift to grandparents, and our favorite- a calendar contraption of his grandfather’s that read their wedding date.

It was so important to this couple that their friends and family had a good time in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Kelley and Drew’s love for each other is just so obvious with the way they interact and shows in their photographs. Congratulations Kelley and Drew, thank you for choosing us to record your special day.

To see their photobooth video click here.



Kelley & Drew {4th of July Wedding}




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  1. Darlene Noe Hotchkiss

    July 13th, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    I am enjoying the pictures on this blog so very much, as well as the opportunity it allows me to share the occasion with others. How handy to forward the address to a friend, along with the remark, “See what we did at our house this Fourth of July? Our nephew Drew and our beautiful new niece Kelley could not be nicer, better people. We are so fortunate to have them both in the family–as well as all the other fine guests who shared their wedding here on the Fourth.Ampersand Studio did a WONDERFUL job with all of the photos and with their smooth integration into the wedding party. They were FUN as well as professional!

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