Maybe a little delayed on getting this post up from the Holstine wedding, but here at Ampersand Studios we have been getting rocked this past couple of weeks! Anyway though, we feel like it’s better late than never and Tracie and Kyle’s wedding was just way too beautiful to not share with you all on the blog. Enjoy the photos from this super fresh, young wedding. Tracie and Kyle are high school sweeties, and their love is so evident in all of the photographs. Tracie’s father gave the most touching sermon I have heard in a long time and I think I might have cried a little! Tracie is also a graphic designer, and it CRACKED me up when her dad during the ceremony said “Wow! I can barely read my notes— the font is a little too small— Oh Sorry, I mean the ‘TYPEFACE’ is too small!” I think I was amongst the few people at the wedding that got the humor! Ya, we know we’re dorks. Also, I am obsessed with Peonies and her bouquet was sooo stunning! Anyway, Tracie and Kyle– Thank you so much for the honor of being able to be a part of your special day. Enjoy.



Kyle & Tracie Holstine- June, 19th 2010




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