So if you are wondering, some of us here at Ampersand Studios are better about posting weddings on the blog than others! I (Francesca) have been a little behind in this department. I fully intend to get up to date within the next week! So, in chronological order of the weddings that I am responsible for… first we have the Christensen wedding! Ya, it’s been a month now but hey— better late than never right? Heather and Heath had a super cute backyard wedding at a family members home in Emmett. The ceremony was held on the grounds overlooking a vast valley and beautiful view of the mountains. A fairly intimate guest list was perfect for this sweet venue. The home is also on a lavender farm which of course provided an extremely pleasant scent for the wedding. Everyone pitched in, and made this wedding possible. Homemade treats, cake and chocolate covered strawberries were served along with a custom brewed beer for the bride and groom. Heather and Heath are so in love and their day really was perfect and reflected their personalities to a tee. I have never seen bride more relaxed, and a groom less nervous. Though I am pretty sure it was the hottest day of the century, they endured lots of photos and had a great time. Thanks {Heath}er for having us!



Time to Catch up! Christensen Wedding- July 10, 2010




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