Last Saturday was the wedding of Nicole Jackson and Chris Parks in Twin Falls Idaho. I am not going to lie, when they told me their wedding was going to be in Twin Falls, I really had no idea what to expect. I have never had the pleasure of going to Twin before, but had only heard that it wasn’t much to see…. well, after seeing it myself- who knew that they actually had a REAL town there?! There were all sorts of big stores and beautiful, natural surroundings! Okay, this place has potential… but then- when I arrived on the premises of the beautiful Blue Lakes Golf Course, it was completely outside anything I could have expected. What an AMAZING venue! Not only was it a beautiful course, it was surrounded by these amazing canyon walls and the natural scenery was also lovely and the staff was so wonderful and offered to drive us around the venue to take photos—they are AWESOME.
Nicole was such a beautiful bride with her amazing dress from Chic Bridal Boutique and her custom jewelry made by one of her bridesmaids who created all of the jewelry for the girls in the bridal party. I am encouraging her to do it professionally, so once she does- I will give you all her info!! Come on girl!!! She even made the gorgeous hair flower that Nicole changed into for the reception.

Such subtle details that really made everything personal for Nicole and Chris, another one that I love—they had little skull and crossbone cuff links for the groom & groomsmen that they got from So cute!

Another one of the many things I loved from this wedding was THE BAND—Jeremiah James Gang! They had a live band playing during the reception with a bit of a “honky tonk” twang. They played all sorts of fun music and EVERYBODY was rockin the dance floor!

Lots and lots of fun—way to put on such a classy, yet not even a tad stuffy, amazingly breathtaking wedding- and thank you for choosing us to record it for you. 🙂 Congratulations to Nicole and Chris Parks!



Parks Wedding 8.28.10




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