Talk ab0ut the perfect wedding day. August 7th, 2010 at Spurwing Country Club in Meridian, Id. was beautiful weather with a slight breeze. The whole bridal party was escorted by golf cart around the course to the picture perfect park-like areas. We have decided that we love shooting country club weddings. So far we have had wonderful experiences with most of them, and there are so many beautiful places to shoot.
The highlights of this wedding for me and Melissa had to all be thanks to the quirkiness of this group! They had so much fun taking pictures– and this time I had a group of diva GROOMSMEN for a change! haha, they posed all the live long day for me and I ended up with a record amount of groomsmen photos. Usually we have double of the bridesmaids becuase the guys usually get resltless and sweaty by mid afternoon! Not at the Kimball wedding though- everyone was having so much fun. Then, at the reception the 3 boys each gave separate ‘BEST MAN’ toasts (as all of the boys shared the best man role- as did the girls as Maid of Honor) and each was hilarious– but at the end of the last groomsman’s toast he said something like this: “So when Chris started dating Larissa, I ask him, ‘Chris- what does it feel like to be in love?’ and he looked me in the eye and said ‘Well, it’s really quite simple…'” He then spontaneously burst into singing ‘Afternoon Delight’ acapella and the other 2 boys stood up and joined in. I was CRYING laughing, and I will never forget that best man toast!

Larissa was a super laid-back bride too and her and her girls were all SOO beautiful. Thanks for having us at your beautiful wedding. Enjoy.



Larissa & Chris Kimball- 8.7.2010




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