When Deborah contacted us about scheduling a family session, I couldn’t wait to meet her and her family as her emails were making me laugh out loud at my desk! Well- instead of trying to explain I’ll copy and paste our email conversations! haha check it out…
Deborah: we are in the mood for some family pictures. have kids have grandkids have grand dogs and our own dog we are all really photogenic and really nice. okay maybe not but we still want some updated family photos! would need a monday or tuesday evening if that would work for you girls. saw you in action at the Tofoya wedding last march and got your name from Mary White. hope you will still call…

Francesca: Deborah, Your email is cracking me up! I would love to get together to do your family portraits. I can do Monday nights, but I am booked on Mondays until August 16th. If that is too far out, I can try to schedule things to make a Tuesday night work. How many people are there total? You can take a look at our family packages by going to this link and then click on the downloadable PDF that says family and other portraits.
Also, did you have anywhere specific in mind for where you would like to go? I look forward to talking with you soon,

Deborah: What is your schedule for august 23rd? that would be a good one..or else September 13th. your choice. people wise 6. dog wise 3. we are up for around the yard. in front of the garage without the garbage cans..we have some great spots up here..we live on the top of —— which is a mile and a half out of —-. we will even mow the lawn and remove the goats..this is such a lie. we won’t mow! no really, we don’t have any goats. talk soon.

Francesca: I think that the goats would actually be a nice addition to the photographs.

Deborah: you will have to provide the goats…i will provide the kids husband and dogs. Lets go for the 2 hour session. trust me you will need it…James the kid is 3…the shit-zu Bailey who we are dog sitting for our daughter until he dies and no i did not misspell the dog breed- is horrible. my husband is a dreamboat. you will have to get your own…and the other 3 girls and 1 dog named ed the labradoddle are perfect. i am included in this and only time will tell you if i am truthful. see you on the 23rd..dusk? i don’t do dawn very well…just a little warning  .p.s. i won’t be alarmed if you ask for money down…can you ask for money up? i certainly have never  heard of that…

Anyway– that pretty much sums up the family I suppose! We had a great time, and walked around their beautiful property at their residence for the photos. The kids all LOVED the camera and I even let James shoot a few frames. Thanks so much for welcoming us to your home! Enjoy.



The Tuel Family Portraits




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  1. photographyfree4all

    September 13th, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    I like these shots! Great poses. Great composition.

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