Christina and Davids wedding was so well thought out, I just loved all of the details that she had! The ceremony was at the preservation office in downtown boise and the reception was afterwards at the CW Moore building. Seriously though– Christina and Brandi from Soiree did such a great job with everything, and it really came together beautifully. Christina and David have a kitty that they love like a child and they really wanted to find a way to incorporate Nico in the wedding, so we designed these little kitty tags for the cupcakes! I love little personal details like that. We ha a pretty good sized bridal party, and we had  a great time shooting downtown on a GORGEOUS day… Thank you to the clouds for letting the sun hide behind you for a little bit at the perfect moments of the day! Julian from Pro Entertainment DJ’s did a great job of keeping the party going, and Greg Marsh of course did another amazing cake.
Thanks for having &! We love you guys 🙂 enjoy.



Christina + David Ratto




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