Where do I even start!? The Deininger wedding was absolutely beautiful and inspirational in so many ways. Although Britt and Jeff currently live in Washington state, they both had Idaho in their hearts. Jeff moved here from Georgia for college, and Brittany grew up here, but most importantly, this is where they met. The ceremony was at a little church in Lowman where Brittany’s grandfather used to give sermons when she was little, and the reception took place at the beautiful Redfish Lake resort because of Jeff’s love for the Idaho outdoors and the Sawtooth area. This couple is an amazing pair and their passion and love for each other is so evident. Every aspect of this wedding was thought out and executed by the couple themselves, from the custom print work on the name cards, custom monogram, menus, etc that was phenomenally created by the groom-to the beautifully arranged bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces that were made by the bride herself! That is only the beginning, every single detail was creative and meaningful. The use of beautiful language was so important to Brittany and Jeff and they were sure to write all of their own vows to make the ceremony even more heartfelt.When I was talking to Brittany about the wedding events during their engagement shoot, she mentioned how difficult a process it is to capture the way that you feel about somebody and translating it into words— well bravo to you both! They had the most tasteful class and elegance throughout the whole wedding. The music was also so very carefully thought out, and the words of the classic music each meant something to the dance they were paired with- I still need to ask them for their playlist. The couple had a lovely little cake by the amazing Greg Marsh Cakes and a delightful cupcake bar. They capped off the evening by excusing everyone to go to the dock where Brittany and Jeff shared their last dance of the evening together on the empty dancefloor, afterwhich they were sent off on a pontoon boat into the lake while their guests waved from the dock.
How lovely the two of you are, and thank you for giving me the chance to translate your wedding into photographs to share with the world.



Jeff & Brittany—Wedding in Lowman/Redfish Lake




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