Kinsey was such a gorgeous bride! This wedding was so cute, with the red polka dot decor and yellow accents. Kinsey was a friend from high school, and she met Ryan at a very young age. They are so great together… I swear they can actually read eachother’s minds– a talent that many relationships wish they had. He is so in tune with her needs and they are seriously devoted to making eachother happy. Their relationship with eachother is so inspiring. Kinsey and Ryan actually got married a while back, but weren’t able to share the occasion with their friends and families and I loved the way that they embraced that at the ceremony. The officiant gave a very nice speech about how you know that you must really love someone to marry them… twice. The couple wrote their own vows which is definitely something that we don’t see very often. They were extremely heart felt and even with a little bit of humor. My favorite part was when Kinsey said that one of the things that she loves about Ryan is that his dance moves will never go out of style, while she imitated his sweet steeze! Along with a truly unique bond, Kinsey and Ryan share something else; a super adorable little boy. Tucker is about a year and a half old, and I LOVED how they made him a part of the ceremony. Some couples do unity candles, and unity sand has become more popular in the past few years. Well, they chose to do the sand, but instead of having two viles of sand to represent two lives coming together, they added a third one for Tucker. The three of them simultaneously poured the sand into the vase mixing the grains together to signify that they can now never be separated.  It was so beautiful to see this promise to be made not only between husband and wife, but also with their child as a promise to their family. This wedding was also on that night that we had CRAZY wind storms in the valley… probably the worst I have ever seen. But, that didn’t stop the fun from happening. Though our photobooth backdrop couldn’t really withstand the weather, the dancing continued under the gazebo! It was an absolute honor to be a part of your day Ryan and Kinz… Thank you so much. Enjoy. -F.



Kinsey & Ryan Machos




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