So, we really don’t blog our invitations enough. What we mean at Ampersand Studios by “custom invitations” is really NOT at all what other invitation companies mean by the same phrase. They think that ‘customizing’ something is putting your name on it and changing it to your colors but keeping the stock design. Well, that tactic is probably a good strategy for producing very large quantities and mass producing  cookie cutter stationery. Here’s how TEAM-AND does things. We take a limited number of invitation jobs each season to ensure that we can spend quality time with each project. We meet with the bride to discuss everything about her wedding… colors, themes, style,  ideas, inspiration etc. and we start the design process to come up with something TRULY CUSTOM to that bride and that wedding. We have TONS of options for paper, sizes, shapes, and we are always open to trying to come up with something new and creative. In this case, Erica came in with a lot of ideas all over the board… from cans to cupcakes, but one thing was constant… Yellow, and Circles. One of the save the dates that she found somewhere in blogworld had numbers cut out and strung on ribbon. It was a cute idea, but a little too scrapbooky for her (and our) style. We came up with this idea for her save the dates and had SO much fun designing and creating them. They are mailed in a clear vellum envelope, and the finished product actually had a wrap around adhesive layer that was about 1″ thick with the return address printed on the part that wrapped around the back side of the envelope, and room to write the delivery address on the front. Complete with custom postal stamps as well. I took these photos before we added those two elements, so maybe one of these days I will get around to photographing that and showing it to you all!
Another thing that we do with all of our custom invitations is fully assemble them so that they are ready to send. Nichole, Myself, and our super cute interns spend hours meticulously gluing, taping, measuring, trimming, punching, tying, and in this case needle-and-threading just for you to have a picture perfect piece. Here is a story of the process and details of this super fun save the date.

We of course specialize in ANY custom stationery, so if you love what you see and are not getting married anytime soon. It’s okay! We can do thank you cards, christmas cards, party invitations, baby announcements etc.

Erica just sent me a text today that she got her save the dates in the mail this week, and since it was a top secret paper good and she didn’t want her friends and family to see it until they got it in the mail for the whole experience… she has now given me permission to blog it! So anyway, here it is. and stay tuned to see her compliment invitations soon! Enjoy.


Erica + David’s Save the Date Premier!- Boise Custom Wedding Invitations




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  1. Jennie

    October 7th, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    So fabulous! love this!

  2. ampersandstudios

    October 7th, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    Thanks Jennie! 🙂

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