Oh my, I cannot believe that he his all grown up. This makes me feel so old. Bradley is the younger brother of a friend of my husband and I who we lost back in highschool. Bradley and his family have been such a blessing in our lives, and he is a spitting image of both his brother and his mom! Bradley was so young when I met him. Well, I guess I was only in about 8th grade… so not like I was an adult or anything but he was only like 7. In fact, a few of my friends used to babysit him. Him and his brother Skyler used to make fun of my husband (boyfriend at the time) for being together all the time. Skyler even wrote a wrap song about Chris (my husband) it went something like this…. “Chris is whipped. Like a candy stick. riding around in his red GEOoooo.” and on and on! Still don’t get the candy stick part! haha, well Bradley still remembers that and now he has found himself a little high school sweet heart. He told me that it’s just like me and Chris in high school, and when I asked him if it was the real thing he said ‘yea Frannie– I love this girl.’ So anyway… stay tuned and in a couple years you’ll most likely see their wedding photos on the blog! Anyway, Chris and Skyler grew up together most of their childhoods so when we got married in 2007, Bradley stood in for his brother in our bridal party. It was very special, and though he was the cutest 14 year old groomsman ever the little bugger went around and ate ALL the chocolates out of our favor boxes at the reception! Now that he’s much more mature and a very strikingly handsome young man, I am so proud of him. He really has become an amazing person. When I asked him if he wanted to bring any props to the shoot, he asked if he could bring Sarah his girlfriend and just carry her around with him! Well, he was joking… but I insisted that she come. Having her there was very helpful as she made sure that his hair looked good, carried his extra clothes, and made him smile for reals. Towards the end I had her jump in front of the camera. Why not? Who doesn’t want professional pictures of their high school love. I know I wish I had some of us at that age. Well, anyway it was so cute and they are very natural together. She is GORGEOUS and from what I can tell… he treats her like his queen. So, I am rambling now but take a look at this collage from his session. And sorry ladies.. he’s taken. Well, AND underage 😉


Bradley Davis Senior Photos- Boise Senior Photography




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