If there is anything in this world that makes more happy than great service and friendly people I don’t know what it is. Today has been a beautiful example of this for me. First of all to start off the day, I was at Starbucks waiting in line at the drive tru in no rush whilst enjoying my new favorite song downloaded to my iPod by ‘the Script’ and apparently my wait was more than a couple of minutes. I got to the window and the same friendly face that greets me every morning let me know that my 20 oz. latte was on the house and apologized for the wait. Wow, that was pretty cool. Then this afternoon I realized that our large wall calendar in the studio only goes through the end of 2010 and it bothered me a lot to not be able to see all of our next year weddings that have been booked at once. I began to panic that we were going to start getting off of our regular system and not having the dates in front of my face all day is scaring me. I felt like if anything was accomplished today that it needed to be ordering a new calendar. As much as I love the 24×30 in. calendar that we designed and ordered last year…. I really didn’t want to re-layout another one. So, I simply googled “year wall calendar.” One stood out. I found this site that sells cool merch for design savvy folk and wall decal enthusiasts (which I now consider myself one amongst them.) ScribbleOnEverything.com has some pretty sweet schwagg. I was super stoked to find this rad calendar that was perfect for the studio. Nice and big– larger squares to write in– colorful and clean. PERFECT! So I went to order it. Got almost all the way through the checkout and realized ‘Bummer.. it’s a 2010’ good thing I noticed. So I submitted an inquiry in the site’s contact form. Figured that like most other inquiries it would go to some intern’s inbox who is paid minimum wage to auto respond to mass amounts of emails from customers requesting custom products. Nope. Was I wrong. Rather, Jon responded almost instantly letting me know that they were definitely going to be putting out a 2011 version of the calendar and that he hadn’t gotten around to updating the artwork. I was glad to hear that, but with my instant gratification problems was sad to hear that it wasn’t currently available. So, I asked him to let me know when it was available but to be completely honest… I started designing a new calendar though I didn’t really feel like it and I could never produce one as cool as theirs for the cost. Again, my inbox ding donged and there was Jon again. Letting me know that if I wanted to order it, that he would get it done for me. WOW! THen I get one more email from him.
Francesca, I  just updated the file, how is that for service? If you’re ready, go ahead and order and we’ll get it out to you early next week!
Ok, how could I not buy it now? So, not only is it super awesome that the guy that checks the emails is the same guy that designs the products and the same guy that updates the website.

If you check it out, you will see that even the product description has been updated. All within about 2 hours of my initial contact.

So anyway, all in all… this made me think about all the times that I receive lousy service out there in the world. Especially in these times, I don’t see how any company can afford to not go to the end of the world for each of their customers and clients. Prior to starting Ampersand Studios, Nichole and myself both worked in the service industry for several years. Waiting on people at restaurants and not being appreciated for our hospitality half the time. Well, I want everyone to know that for me… it does not go unappreciated. Today when we are spending money on things, we need to feel like our business was earned and like it is going to a hardworking and reputable place. Nobody likes to be sold, ripped off or scammed… and I will gladly give my business to the option that shows phenomenal customer service, and a personable experience. That is what Jon showed me today. This is also what we strive to be for our clients. They all deserve top notch service. We work hard at all hours of the day to make sure that deadlines and order fulfillments are met and exceeded, as well as getting to know our clients on a personal level every single time. We love what we do and we especially love our amazing clients that make it possible for us to do what we love every day.

Thank you so much, we are so grateful to have had such a fruitful first year and are looking forward to many more years doing what we love.


Let’s talk service.




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