Wow, do we go WAaaaayayyyyy back. The memories with these two kids include far too many to bore you with here on the blog, but to mention a few…. skateworld, collect calls, being handcuffed to a trampoline, trick or treating, lemonade sales, and hahahaa so many silly things. Alex (who until about 2 years ago– we always called Alexandra) and Austin and I all grew up in the same neighborhood… well pretty much on the same street. We all went to Jefferson Elementary school. In fact– Austin was one of my childhood boyfriends! We would talk on the phone after school and MAYBE hold hands at skate world for the couple’s skate…. and that was pretty much the extent of elementary relationships at Jefferson. No actual talking at school or in person! So, anyway– over the years, we all went to Jr. High and and Highschool together as well. Alex is 1 year younger than us, but she was always a part of the group since her brother Eli was our age too. Needless to say, the stars finally aligned, and these two realized that their soul mate was right in front of them their whole lives. How stinking cute is that? I couldn’t be more happy for my friends, and the match now seems so obvious! They are perfect together, and Austin is so awesome for being such a great role model for Alex’s super adorable little boy Leland. Check out the collage of all of his expressions! The funniest thing about this is that it reminds me of those posters in the elementary classrooms that have the little smiley face diagrams of expressions! Oh, and his name is actually not reall Leland… it’s Batman. Stay tuned next fall, because on September 10th, 2011 this threesome will officially be a picture perfect family– matching vests included.


Austin and Alex Engaged!- Boise, Idaho Wedding Photographer




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