When Becca told me that she wanted to do their engagement session in an orchard I got pretty excited! She is almost done with school and will be an elementary school teacher so the apples seemed appropriate. In fact, their wedding next June is going to be all about Apples! I can’t wait to see it. These two really were up for anything. Seth was such a great sport when I had him haul a chair into the middle of an Orchard row, and then made Becca hop up onto his shoulders to pick the perfect apple! He just smiled and laughed and did everything we asked… I have a feeling he is going to be a natural at this whole ‘marriage’ thing! They are so playful together, and I love how they interact. Plus, Becca is so gorgeous I couldn’t handler her stunning blue eyes with that matching shirt and sky that we had that day. Thanks for such a fun shoot guys! Can’t wait for your wedding this summer…. Enjoy.


Becca & Seth- Engaged! Boise Wedding Photographers




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