Wow did we learn a lot at this wedding about Chinese wedding traditions! This wedding was so fun and interesting to be a part of. It was a perfect mixture of Chinese and American ceremonies… we started at the bride’s home where the family feasted on a homemade Chinese meal and where she got ready in her beautiful red and fushia Chinese gown and awaited her groom. When Bobby arrived, he had to present his gift to the family to show that he is worthy. The old tradition has since been tweaked from offering a dowry to now, the brides family first can make him do silly things to prove his love. They had him doing push ups, singing songs, and even doing the chicken dance! Once he finished jumping through the hoops, he actually had to pay them cash! It was so funny to watch the women count the huge stack of money that he presented and to make sure not only that it was enough, but also that it only had nines…. so 99 cents, $9.99, $99.99 or $9,999,999.99, it doesn’t matter as long as it has nines. Once they counted it, they told him that it was not enough, so he and his best man scrounged up another ninenty-nine bucks from their pockets. That’s a pretty generous best man if you ask me! Finally they let him in to accept his bride and present her with her beautiful bouquet by Margaret at Eufloria. The next step was the tea ceremony. This is where the bride and groom kneel and offer tea to their parents as a Thank You for raising them and for preparing them for a successful life in matrimony. As the parents receive the tea, they give the couple a gift and grant their blessing. They do this at both sets of parent’s homes. (I might be a little off on explaining this, so please take this disclaimer as my attempt to relay the events as best I can and please correct me if I am wrong on something!) After all of this, Jeanne changed into her white wedding gown and we went to the ceremony site at Barber Park event center. Here, all of their family and friends joined for a ceremony that we were a little more familiar with. Their families were SOO welcoming and generous and they all treated us like part of the family. Nichole actually got to become pretty good buds with grandpa! Thank you so much Jeanne and Bobby for having us and for being so patient with me on getting your story up on the blog 😉 Here is a selection of my favorites from their day. Enjoy.


Jeanne & Bobby Do- 9.12.10, Boise wedding photographers




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