Maddie & Alex are two of the sweetest people I have been so lucky to know and their story is so cute too. They both worked at Bogus Basin together as ski instructors and Maddie recognized Alex one day at work because she is friends with one of his cousins. She approached him and in this story, she totally gets the high five for making the first move! Then…. guess what?! They live on the SAME STREET! Who knew? Maddie didn’t until she drove by one day and saw that Alex was mowing the lawn. Well, anyway…. the universe really wanted these two to find each other. Then I found out that Alex’s best man knew Maddie when they were like 5 years old or something ridiculous like that, before he knew Alex.  Yes, Boise is fairly small but these crazy kids couldn’t have been kept apart by wild horses. Their love is so amazing and inspiring as they truly are best friends. They always laugh when they are together, and I have never heard so much as a bicker between them. I really feel like I have made 2 great new friends in this couple, and Melissa and I had SO much fun at their wedding. The ceremony was at the beautiful St. John’s Cathedral, and their reception was at Barber Park Event Center. Maddie looked so gorgeous with her vintage inspired dress and finger waved old Hollywood hair… and yes Alex, you looked so dapper in that silk bow-tie. We had a lot of time to spend taking fun pictures off site, and the day went so smoothly! Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy.


Maddie & Alex Voshell- October 16th, 2010- Boise Wedding Photography




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