You probably remember Dan and Mandy’s country club wedding from back in June this past summer. Since meeting them around this time last year, we have truly made some great friends. We had the pleasure of meeting Dan’s huge family at his wedding… he has 5 brothers and 2 sister (i think) one of which is Dave. Well, you can tell that these boys have good taste in their women, Mandy and Lindsay are both stunning– and I think they look more alike than the 2 brothers do! It’s funny how that happens sometimes.
We got so lucky and dodged the crappy weather that we have been having the past couple of weeks and enjoyed a super fun photo shoot on a beautiful Thursday afternoon. It was a little chilly, but gorgeous outside. Dave was such a trooper and I just know that these two will do whatever it takes to get great shots on the big day. Dave even took off his shoes and carried his bride to be into the water so that she wouldn’t get wet….. freeeeezing cold water by the way. If you’re curious, test the Boise river in November and you might sympathize with him! I promised him that it was worth it 😉 Well, I think the pictures turned out pretty darn cute, and it helps to have this model couple! Thanks so much guys, and thank you Mandy and Dan for your much appreciated referrals. Enjoy.


Ampersand Love for the Winans family! Lindsay & Dave- Engaged.




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