As photographers and wedding stationery designers, we LOVE LOVE LOVE it when our couples do something a little different…. or handmade. It really is all in the details. Little things that you can make or purchase on Etsy can make your wedding very personal and sweet…. and make fore more fun and interesting photos. After a little searching on one of our favorite sites, we found so many different things that are made just for weddings. If you are not familiar with Etsy, it is a giant online store where artists and collectors sell anything that is handmade, vintage, or antique. Also, if you make something that everyone says “Wow that’s so cool… you should really sell those!” then you should start an Etsy store.. and let us know what you make and maybe we’ll feature you on the bloggy-blog! So, if you are looking for some cool, funky, trendy wedding ideas take a look at these cool affordable finds that are all handmade… and not in some factory overseas! What a great way to support artists and get things that are one of a kind…. just like your wedding is!
1// Colorful ties and bowties for the little ones by BabyByStevie $20

2// Clutch Sets come in many color combinations. Perfect gifts for your bridesmaids, and they always wish they had a way to carry their gloss around. By Vanijja. $96 for 6

3// Rustic Wooden Men’s Band these are so cool! Sterling and textured Titanium with wood panels. By Down to the Wire $64

4// I LOVE this Beaded Poppy Necklace and think it would look beautiful on a bride to add that fun (and classy) POP of color. Many more designs By Sora Designs $56.50

5// Custom ‘MAN BAND’ for the guys! Put your date on it and it’s a great keepsake and groomsmen gift, plus a cool man-cessorie for the wedding day. By Tedra Designs $34

6// Tissue Paper Pom Poms make great decorations in your wedding colors. You can mix and match… they are sold in sets by Blossom Lane $60 for set of 20

7// Patterned Tea Dresses I just love these custom dresses. Who says you have to have “BRIDESMAID” dresses for your bridesmaids? by Soho Mode $130

8// Custom Burlap Ring Pillow you pick the colors and sayings. More cool crafts by Bragging Bags $39.99

9// Simple Ruffle Bridesmaid Dress check out the beautiful work here, I pretty much want all of the clothes in this store! By Lola $249

10// Bright Ties. More cool colorful ties for the little guys… and the big ones. These ties come in all sizes! By The Belle and the Beau $54.95 for 3

11// Funky Black Bolero Jacket for the fashionable bride. What a cool accessory for the reception. By  Watermark Show $39

12// So Super Sweet Rosette Flower Girl Dress these are made custom! You pick the colors by Fairy Wonderful $84.95

13// Funky Colorful Cameo Earings add a Modern- Victorian flare. By Lanyapi Designs $35

14//Everybody Loves Creamsicle Boutonniere Crave some cool, unique boutonnieres that will last forever? Check out these beautifully handcrafted details by Peppermint Cloud $29.99

15// Large White Flower Necklace Make a statement with this made to order piece. Many more gorgeous accessories from MGMWedding $84

16// Nancy Matilla Veil This lacy veil is stunning and delicate. By Anne Michelle Heirlooms $250

17// Camera Cuff Links! If your man is snap happy like we are these add the PERFECT little detail. Think about fun cuff links and details for the boys too! By Chenzi Jewelri $17.99

18// Sassy Fuchsia Flower Girl Dress Be careful, this flowergirl just might steal the show! Super cute stuff by Gracie Mae Kids $58

19// Mustache Flasks Your groomsmen will get tons of compliments on these fun flasks! Make for a sweet photo-opp with the guys. By Whimsy & Ink $76 for set of 4

20// There’s no Place Like Home Shoes So, we think that you need to have Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue….. and Something SPARKLY! What better fulfills that one than these hot mama pumps? By Dust Vintage $100

21// Old New Borrowed Blue Garter Set with Throw Garter makes a great gift for a bride, and a cute garter for the wedding night. By Rosebud Lips $43 set

22// Vintage Inspired Button Boutonniere Feathers, Berries, Buttons? What else would you want in the perfect boutonnieres? Way more cool feathery stuff by Metro Gypsy $29

23// Floral Print Bow Tie Can you tell that we LOVE cool bow ties? We feel like we speak for most photogs in that it is so much fun to see something new from the black tux and silk tie. Check out these cool retro bow ties… and why not make it a part of the everyday wardrobe? Lots of options by Her and I Shop $14

24// Vintage Polka Dot Wedding Dress You definitely won’t find this one off the rack at David’s… or see it on another bride! Love these old funky finds, and you can dress it up to make it your own. We found it in this cool vintage clothing shop by IKAHN VINTAGE $395

25// Simple Cute Felt Ring Pillow simple and elegant for the more casual bride. By Paper Flora $24

26// Victorian Gold Cuff Bracelet Having a classy, vintage, traditional wedding with a victorian flare? You NEED this bracelet. By Big Bisous $18

27// Whimsical Garden Brooch add some punch of color to your dress, bridesmaids, or even attach it to a hair clip. Find more vintage inspired jewelry By Gingeroni $22

28// Shoe Clips Put these cute fower clips on the backs or toes of your special wedding kicks to add some personality. By  Venust $48

29// Houndstooth Tie TONS of cool men’s graphic ties from Matilda & Me around $20

30// Oh Deer! Flask Another one from Whimsy & Ink. $18

31// Modern Day-Vintage Bride Tutu Gown These sweet tutus are made by a close friend of mine, and her store has a TON of beautiful things.. including more cute dresses for flowergirls. I do love this dress idea, by Tutus Chic $145

32// A Pinwheel Wedding! Who says you have to have floral bouquets? This is such a cute idea for a colorful summer wedding. The bridesmaids hold these instead, and they even make matching boutonnieres for the men. Totally customizable by Rule 42 $60 set of 4

33// Role Buttons Your MOH and BM want everyone to know that they earned that title! Remember on You, Me and Dupree where he has the lightening bolt best man patch! haha that’s what this reminds me of, but a little more discrete. Hey, buttons could make cool favors too and I bet these guys could do it for you. By Button Empire $12 set

34// Ivory handmade flower cluster with Swarovski Crystals Clip these chic flowers in your hair or on your dress for that added detail. By Twisted Crystals $148

35// Black Lace Garter with Cream Ivory Rose and Pearls We recommend you don’t throw this one, and save it for that honeymoon suite 😉 Way more Sexy finds by Natalie Briggs $39


Ampersand Picks: have an Etsy wedding!




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  1. Sarah Arnold TutusChic

    November 17th, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    Thank you so much! This is a gorgeous blog. So well done and Etsy is a fabulous place to be.
    Look for my Flower Girl tutu in Martha Stewart Weddings Spring 2011 issue. I am so excited!
    XOXOXO to my good friend and former ballerina Ms. Francesca 🙂

  2. Sora Designs

    November 17th, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    wow. what a great collection that you have found. thanks a lot for featuring my poppy necklace.

  3. Natalie Briggs - Luxury Handmade Garters

    November 17th, 2010 at 11:36 pm

    Wow what a great collection!! thank you so much for including my black lace garter 🙂

  4. Christina

    November 17th, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    I love etsy! I drooled over the yellow and gray clutches of course!

  5. Tedra

    November 18th, 2010 at 12:06 am

    Wonderful! What an amazing collection of ETSY items. Thank you for featuring my ‘MANBAND’. I am honored to be included.

  6. Chenzi

    November 18th, 2010 at 3:34 am

    These are beautiful items! It makes me want to get re-married, just to buy some cute wedding accessories! ; )Thank you so much for featuring my camera cuff links!

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