I have known Laurin’s mom, Melinda for quite some time now. We even did some family pictures a few years back when Laurin was only 15. She was beautiful then and as she gets older, she just looks more and more like her mommy. On a super snowy day, Laurin endured the chilly weather and the snow blowing in her hair and face! She even said “I’ve just gotta suck it up if I want good pictures…” or something like that- but I was like—“heck yeah! I like that attitude!” AND IT SHOWS!!! He photos turned out beautiful and the snow only adds to them. Thank you for such a great attitude, you are absolutely darling and I am lucky to get to shoot your pretty face once again. Enjoy….
Stay tuned for the family mini session I did of their family afterward. 🙂


Laurin—-High School Senior




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