So these are the kiddos that belong to my “favorite cousin,” Allyson, who was in Boise for Christmas from Pocatello. This is the cousin that I am the closest with in age, so it was just natural that we should be the bestest of friends. I remember dreaming with her about when we grow up, what kind of lives we would have, our husbands, and our kids… meanwhile, here she is, with a great husband and already 2 amazing kids: sassy, miss Kennedy and silly, little Hudson.
Its pretty sad that we have grown apart through the years with Allyson and her family living out of town, I only really get to see her kids grow up through Facebook photos and seldom family visits. It was so much fun to take pictures of them and get to know their little personalities. Allyson and Tyson: thank you for allowing me to capture some fun memories. You have such a beautiful family. 🙂 love, Nichole


Kennedy & Hudson—Munns Family




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