So, if you are wondering where in the heck we have been since we haven’t been blogging much these past couple of weeks…. we have been painting, cutting, ordering, designing, printing, hanging, buying, moving, building, crafting, making, packing, driving, running, and many more things. Things we have NOT been doing would include eating, sleeping, playing, and of course…. blogging. So, here’s the update and proof that we have been….. well, doing. The first weekend of wedding shows was the Wedding Party Show on January 8th and 9th where we had one booth space where we were showcasing only our invitation and wedding stationery designs. If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter you probably heard us freaking out last Friday about some frames that we were waiting to get from Fedex. Well, they finally came! We went to the airport and pretty much got them straight off the plane which in itself was a miracle— the tracking number and pretty much EVERYONE that I talked to at Fedex said that they were still in Memphis! Agghhh! But we picked them up at 9:30am, ran down to the Boise Centre, and frantically placed all our invitations and hung them just as they opened the doors to the show! But, it was all worth it because we LOVE our Organic Bloom frames and they really made a great statement. This show was SUCH a success. We met a ton of new brides and even made friends with some new vendors.

Then we tore everything down, and were back to our hole for yet another week preparing for the Premier Bride Showplace that took place the following weekend on January 15th and 16th at the same place. Luckily, Chuck is awesome (he works at the Grove) and somehow swung letting us keep our huge walls in the warehouse at the Boise Centre. OMG that was such a weight off our backs (literally) that we didn’t have to reload all the walls back into the truck take them home, unload then do it again 5 days later… in the rain. Thank you Chuck, we can’t wait to help you with your wife’s baby shower announcements! But anyway…. this show we had 2 booth spaces so that we would have plenty of room to show our photography AND our invitations. So, we had a lot of space which was nice. We switched out most of the frames with photographs and even added a few more. Here’s how that booth turned out.

Check back, we are going to be revealing the winner of our 11×14 Organic Bloom Frame!


When it’s not Wedding Season…. it’s Wedding SHOW season!




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