The days of everyone dressing exactly the same for photos are SO OVER! You can coordinate your wardrobe with your family or partner to match but not be identical. There are a few guidelines that we like to suggest.1.) Layers photograph great. If you look at catalogs and see how clothes are styled together… layering your clothing gives just enough color and texture to the photographs and adding an eclectic flare.
2.) Try to stay away from printed logos and words. If you have a shirt that says a brand across the front and is very large, that is definitely going to steal the show. One of the most basic rules of photography is that anything white or text is what the eye is driven to first. Which leads us to our next rule:
3.) Try not to wear white. And if you do, pair it with some accessories to tone it down or try a cream or variant of white. (brides are of course the exception! Because in that case, it is okay for her to take all the attention away from the picture!)
4.) Wear comfy shoes- an hour session of walking around on concrete or even on unpredictable terrain can seem like 3 or 4 hours if you aren’t wearing good shoes.
5.) ACCESSORIZE! Hats, scarves, jewelry and props are always so much fun for portraits.
6.) Be yourself. Wear clothing that you would wear in your everyday life… You don’t need to wear slacks or a business skirt suits for senior, family or engagement photos. Save that for the business card headshot 😉
7.) Think about where these photos are going to be used. If they are going to hang in your home maybe you want to wear colors that go with your decor. Or if they are engagement photos for your invitations, unless you are planning on a black and white invitation the colors in your photograph could clash with the papers and design of your wedding colors.

We found all of the clothes in these color inspiration boards from Gap, Anthropologie, American Eagle, Children’s Place, Target and a couple of other great stores. Just some ideas about how your family can look great in photos without matching too much. Enjoy.

1. Mustard, Teal, Orangy-reds, Grays and Creams.

1. Anthropologie Borrowed Boyfriend Cardi: $78 //  2. Anthroplogie Field Skirt: $78 //  3. American Eagle Solid Crew T: $15.50 // 4. American Eagle Men’s Slim Jean $39.50 // 5. Gap Kids Crochet Tunic Top $19.95 // 6. Gap Kids Paper Bag Pants $26.95 // 7. 77 Kids American Eagle Bright Madras Button Down $24.50 // 8. 77 Kids American Eagle Cadet knit jacket $44.50

1. Express Ruffled- Front belted dress $69.90 // 2.Express TX8 Fitted Stretched Cotton Western Shirt $59.50 // 3. Children’s Place Denim Husky Boot Big Bang Wash $14 // 4. Children’s Place Linen Shirt $19.95 // 5. Children’s Place v-neck T $6 // 6. Children’s Place Shine Plaid Scarf $7.95


What to wear for Photoshoots.




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