This morning I came across a blogpost on our beloved Wedding Chicks Blog about a new registry site offered for weddings and events. When we are designing invitations, we commonly run across the wedding etiquette of should I or shouldn’t I register and do I include registry on my invitations, and what if we would rather have money? Nowadays, many couples are living together before they get married and often already have everything they need. So what they really need is money for the honeymoon or a down payment on a house, or maybe a new bedroom set? But those are such big ticket items and there is seldom a tactful way to ask for cash as a gift. We think that Deposit a Gift might help with this problem. Below is the stolen blogpost from Wedding Chicks that explains how this site works and may be a great addition or substitute for your wedding registry.

What better gift for a new couple than a nest egg to help them get whatever it is they need? Until now, there have not been any easy options for a cash registry. Deposit a Gift has really hit the mark with the service they offer! Some couples already have all of the traditional items that are generally on the wedding registry, and the gift of cash is really a perfect alternative for the couple who would prefer it. So easy and convenient, read on to see exactly how it works. Easy on you, easy on your guests and get what you really want.

If you’ve seen it, heard of it, or imagined it, you can register for it at Deposit a Gift.

Show friends and family what you need most with a customizable cash gift registry. Then sit back, relax and watch your account grow.

When the time is right, use your gift money on anything you want, whenever you want!

Deposit a Gift works like a traditional registry to make it easy for gift-givers, but allows couples to register for anything — from honeymoons to home down payments, newlywed activities to charities.

Deposit a Gift is also the only site that includes a free wedding website, and room to list your other registries, so it truly is a one-stop-shop. No shipping. No gift wrap. No need for returns.

Get Started today with your Deposit a Gift account so can can get what it it you really want and need. Maybe a honeymoon, maybe a nest egg to get you into your first house, whatever it is, Deposit a Gift is a great way to get you started.


Deposit a Gift




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