Yesterday, we had the pleasure of attending the much-anticipated spring portfolio show for the “Design Freaks” graphic design students at BSU. There was a lot of hype leading up to this show and we must say, it was more than we could have expected. All of the artists were well-prepared and confident with their portfolios and the execution of the event was polished. From the matching array of linens and artists’ display, to the spread of good eats and donation-only bar. We even got some awesome t-shirts (rocking mine today!) with the awesome boy and girl design freak logos as well as the awesome FREE “Idaho the Typeface” designed by Conrad Garner- download it here! Everyone was having a good time. Congratulations to all of the graduating students on all of your hard work and efforts. BSU is pumping out all sorts of fresh, new talent.




Frannie looking really interested….



Now headed off to Modern Art at the Modern Hotel in the Linen District. Just looking ahead, we could already tell that it was going to be crazy- like always.


This guy really wanted me to take pictures of him…when I agreed, he posed for me 3 different times, all of which- he gave this same pose. Signature move? Anyways- turned out pretty cool.



It was so cute, Frannie’s little boy- Carter was watching all of the people dancing to the live music. When we tried to get him to go down the stairs he said “watch people dance!?” Haha- he was mesmerized.

When we were done at the Modern- we went over to the Linen Building where there was an awesome display upstairs of chandeliers made of of bike parts. They were really beautiful and impressive.



Design Freaks Portfolio Show & Modern Art




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