Not quite sure why this lovely lady looks familiar? Well, just a few weeks ago we featured her identical twin sis and her man’s engagement session. These girls are my sister’s sister-in-laws if that makes sense… and they are BOTH getting married this season!! Lucky for me, Jennifer colored her hair blonde – up until then the only way I could tell them apart was by which boy they were standing next to, but now that I am getting to know them all very well after working with them I am realizing that they of course are very different and beautiful in their own ways. And the lucky gentlemen that are taking their hands in marriage couldn’t be more different. Meet Josh- he’s just adorable, a little nerdy (hence the star wars), super quirky and of course totally smitten over Jen. These two wanted to do their take on the “battle scene” that Kimberly and Travis did with the western draw- and they brought light sabers to duke it out. I was laughing hysterically the whole time that Josh was directing this very specific scene- then he made me take a picture of just the cloak on the ground after he had been slayed. Haha… maybe I don’t get all you Star Wars dorks, but I had a ton of fun with it I will say~ Enjoy.


jen + josh- engaged!




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