Well it’s a quarter to 2 in the morning and Nichole and I are sitting awake in our hotel reflecting on this day. As many of you know, we are here in Seattle, Wa. for a series of photography workshops with Justin & Mary — an amazing husband and wife photography that we follow and look up to. Just like any professional attends conferences to further their education and keep themselves inspired and motivated we feel like we can never stop learning. Not only have we taken advantage of this opportunity to listen to some amazing people talk and share their experiences with us but we have also gotten to spend some time in a new place and simply have some fun. So Seattle— it’s strange. Huge city but the mall still is only open from 11-7 on Sundays! And there are like NO restaurants downtown that are open late. The whole city just shuts down at dark. (Thank you Subway!) The rain and the wind is yucky-yuckerson but there are so many other cool things about this place. Seattle is so colorful and visual. The architecture is stunning- especially the super awesome library that stares in our hotel window. And lastly, the people are so service oriented. Every store and restaurant that we have gone into we have experienced excellent service. Last night Michael our server was so hilarious and energetic even though he was toward the end of his long shift. Then today when I realized I left my iFun at the hotel (how does that even happen?) we felt completely stranded and lost in this big city. All I knew was that we were supposed to be at a place called “something – studios” at 2:00 and that ‘maybe it starts with a C’ and our server at the cute Pikes Place Cafe that we were eating in went to all this trouble to ask around, google, and even have a friend call his ex-girlfriend just to help us find the name and address of our destination. Of course he found it (after about 20 minutes of searching) and printed out a google maps page for us to follow. “Chalk Studios! Yep that’s it!! I knew it started with a C!” So needless to say, we have been great tippers thus far. Then almost 7.5 hours totally buzzed by as we soaked in so much great, inspirational information at the talk. We are so excited to start integrating everything we are learning and realizing into our business and we really just can’t wait for this upcoming wedding season. We love our clients and we love what we do. We hope you can tell. There are so many more great things to come…. so stay tuned Ampersand fans. We want you to come along with us for the ride, it’ll be a good one. Here’s a little tidbit from our cards today. Enjoy.



Ampersand Goes to Seattle




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  1. amy

    May 19th, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    Great post guys! It was so awesome to meet you two, we definitely must keep in touch!! Glad you enjoyed Seattle and I hope you have a safe trip home. xoxo-amy

  2. nikki

    May 24th, 2011 at 2:55 am

    wow, these photos are absolutely stunning! i LOVE them!!

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