Kelli and Michael got married on the last Sunday in May, Memorial Day weekend in Boise Idaho…you guys remember that weekend right? HORRIBLE weather. Although we really never can say what it will look like in Boise on any given day, it is probably what makes us Boise natives so¬†spontaneous!? Haha. Anyways, it was, indeed one of those days. I came prepared with crossed fingers and a purple umbrella and really had no idea what we could count on- and may I say, it was like an act of God that every single time we went outside to take pictures, the weather would cooperate; then once inside- rain. Well, I lucked out…didn’t even need to have them use that umbrella in our photos.
Okay, so lets start at the beginning- the day started off in Kelli’s hotel room where she was so very calm and collected. She was in good company with a hair and makeup team, some of the sweetest bridesmaids I have ever met and her wonderful mother, who had carefully executed every last detail of this beautiful wedding (thank you Diane!). Kelli changed into her beautiful flowing dress that had this amazing diamond pendant, matching earrings and bracelet, and some hot, patent, peep-toe¬†stilettos. Kelli’s gorgeous green eyes just popped and she looked so effortlessly beautiful.

As soon as the girls were ready, it was time to change locations, we headed to a nearby park to do Kelli and Michael’s first look. They had this awesome idea that the girls would pull up in the limo and Michael would go open the door to see her for the first time—-“that’s so Bachelor,” says I. It worked out great because the dark tint made it so he couldn’t see Kelli at all until he opened the door. We then went into our photos…where we were generously greeted by (what seemed like) 500 geese! I told Michael that he probably needed to fight them because I didn’t want to upset PETA…I mean, we all know I am capable—but as soon as they realized we had no food, they left us alone.

They then had an intimate ceremony at Christ’s Chapel and a beautiful (not mention FUN) ceremony at Banbury Golf Club- where we later look some photos by their beautiful pond.

Kelli and Michael—thank you for allowing us to share your special day. We wish you the very best in your future together- enjoy the photos.




Kelli & Michael got married!!! 5.29.11




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