It was one of the awful cold days for Lisa & Travis’s engagement shoot….you know, the dark gray skies and ominous clouds? Yup, one of those. So it windy and drizzling rain, but you wouldn’t know it because of Lisa’s warm, beautiful smile and Travis’s witty antagonism. Photographing these two was a lot of fun- Travis was constantly cracking jokes and making fun of me and Lisa. I had to include some of the looks that Travis was giving me on the blogpost- you will understand…
But when Travis wasn’t licking Lisa or shooting me the “stink eye”—the barebones way that these two interact is so genuine and you can absolutely tell how meant for each other they are.

Lisa & Travis- congratulations on your engagement, it was so great getting to know the two of you a little better. I know your wedding is going to be a BLASTY BLAST.





Lisa & Travis are engaged!!




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