Time for a little game of catch…. up! Getting a little behind on the blogging of engagement sessions since we have to make sure that the weddings get up in order! But here we go… and there will be a couple more this week too. Meet Christy and Tighe (Pronounced like ‘Ty”) they are NO JOKE like the nicest people I have ever met…. and I have met some really really nice people! We started at their home with their super adorable dogs Marti and Rusty that are like their children. Yes we are okay with combining family photos with engagements… to an extent! Then we headed downtown for some urban lovin’…. and around Ampersand Studios we like to call what these two have, “A Serious Case of the….. GIGGLE BUNNIES!” hahaha they are so playful and laugh-y together and I just love it. Actually I commented about how they are cute laughers. Some people just don’t look cute when they laugh– you know who you are! But Christy and Tighe’s laughter shows not only how comfortable they are around eachother and that they love each other… but that they also LIKE each other which really is something in itself. So, if it’s true that laughter keeps you young; I will be surrounding myself with these two as much as possible! Enjoy.



Christy & Tighe- Engaged!




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