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So, lets just start with listing just a few things that were new for me at this wedding:
1. Kilts
2. Bagpipes
3. Hotty fire-fighters in kilts WITH bagpipes
4. Mink head sporrans
5. Manly first look
6. Bride taking the garter off of the groom!
7. Elephant Rides

okay, so let me try to explain. Day’s family has a wee bit o’ Scottish heritage. Aaron does not– however in an effort to honor and suprise Day’s father, Aaron invested in a nice kilt to wear on his wedding day. Since this was a surprise, we thought what better way to surprise him and capture his reaction than to set up a first look just like we usually do between the bride and groom. So, we positioned Day’s father, Dick in the bar at the Grove and had Aaron sneak up behind him. It was pretty adorable! Notice the Sporran (that’s the crotch-positioned-man-bag on the front of the kilt) that has 3 mink heads attached to it. The minks belonged to Day’s grandmother, and they had them custom made (by a friend- one of the fireman bagpipers) into the Sporran for Aaron to wear on his wedding day and to later gift to Day’s father. Check out the sweetest thing I have ever heard of that Aaron had inscribed on the back of it. Then during the reception, the gift was presented.

Then, when Day found out that the circus was in town the day of her wedding, AND in the same location– she couldn’t help but at least ask. A simple phone call to the Shriners and voila! We got to cut in front of hundreds of people waiting to get in, and take pictures with the elephants. The ring bearer and flower girl were invited and their sweet little faces lit up like it was Christmas morning when they finally figured out what was going on.

One more little thing to note- the cake topper was custom made that Day purchased from “Wedding and Wire” on Etsy. SEE HER STORE HERE The kilt on the groom is actual fabric from Aaron’s kilt and the dress from Day’s dress. How can you not love those little personal touches. It really is all in the details.

Well, I could go on all day about all the little details at this wedding… but I really have to credit Day and her creative drive. She did such a great job pulling everything together. We had a wonderful time at this wedding and the day just buzzed by in the blink of an eye.
I’ll let the images tell the rest of this love story.

Day and Aaron- Thank you so much for choosing Ampersand and having us on your special day. I loved working with you and I have made great friends in you two. Congrats. Enjoy.



Day & Aaron- Part ii- Rad in Plaid




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